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Privacy Policy & Terms And Conditions
Welcome to our website. Sugardaddytr.com offers its services in the field of online dating according to the following General Terms and Conditions. This platform (hereinafter also referred to as “website”) provides users the opportunity to get in contact with other people of the community. The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to clearly define the services, rights, and obligations. The term “user” in the following refers to male or female persons. These General Terms and Conditions replace all previous General Terms and Conditions with respect to the services provided. By the use of the services the user agrees with these conditions. Requirements for Use The user declares that he/she has reached at least 18 years of age and has never committed a sex crime, been subjected to a corresponding criminal investigation, and otherwise has a good reputation. In addition, the user assures that he/she will never provide a wrong email address or pose as another person. In this sense, the user is also responsible to ensure that he/she is the sole user of the services and no third party is permitted access to the user’s data. The user must also ensure that he/she uses a password which corresponds to the usual security standards in online traffic and will change it regularly to avoid the risk of unauthorized access. The Provider does not tolerate the distribution of illegal content. Content that violates applicable law or is suspect of being in violation of national or international law can be immediately deleted by the Provider and the account of the user may be blocked. In particular, the uploading of files which violate applicable law or where there is a suspicion that the applicable law is being infringed, is prohibited. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to copyright, personality, brand, criminal, juvenile protection, data protection and competition law. In particular, the user acknowledges and recognizes that the offers or services are not used by him for the following activities and that he/she also does not support a third party to carry out or have carried out any of the following actions:  threat, slander, stalking, misuse or harassment of persons or other illegal activities;  linking to other sites that offer or propagate vulgar, offensive, false, disparaging, defamatory, obscene, illegal, sexually explicit, racist, violence-glorifying, terrorist content;  linking to websites which the Provider considers to be inappropriate;  framing the content and offering the Provider’s content under unauthorized logos or trademarks, or any other acts that might create the impression of a business or other relationship between the Provider and the user or third parties;  acts which could result in damages or loss of profits for the Provider. This includes income from advertising, branding and promotional activities;  acts which infringe or could infringe on natural or legal persons and their rights (including, in particular, intellectual property rights, personality rights, privacy rights);  the transmission of files containing viruses, spyware, adware or other harmful content;  impairment of other persons through the use of the services, or impairment of the services as such;  transferring, collecting or accessing personally identifiable information about other users without their consent;  imitating other persons or the provision of information that suggests the affiliation to another person;  eliminating access controls and barriers to access services that are password-protected or require a premium account, as well as the attempt to access other users’ accounts and use of the corresponding information;  the provision of false or misleading information about one’s identity. The user indemnifies the Provider, his employees, owners, vicarious agents, companies, partners, and representatives from all claims of third parties which are levied against them in connection with corresponding content, including possible legal costs. Intellectual Property All materials (except content provided by users), including information, documents, products, brands, logos, graphics, and sounds, made available on the platform sugardaddytr.com , graphical user interfaces, software, services, and any other material provided on web and social media pages controlled by the Provider is either originated by the Provider or an author, developer, or other affiliate working on behalf of the Provider. The Provider and/or the third-party provider are entitled to the underlying intangible property rights. The components of the platform may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. The Provider's name, logos, and other elements are protected designations. The Provider holds the rights to the brand. The user may neither decompile or extract the source code of the underlying elements (the tools, methods, processes, and infrastructure) nor any other software on the platform. The services offered by the Provider are presented in a unique way, with the aim of providing users the best possible user experience. The user is prohibited from visiting the website or the offered services via an interface not provided by the Provider without explicit, individual permission from the Provider. Furthermore, it is forbidden to adopt the concept and to present yourself with similar offers in the public. User License The user is entitled to use the website and all offers contained therein personally according to the respective conditions. However, any commercial redistribution of offers is prohibited. The Provider is entitled to withdraw the user’s right to use at any time without stating reasons without the user being able to claim compensation, if there is reasonable suspicion about a breach of legal regulations or provisions of these General Terms and Conditions. Granting of Rights to the Provider The user grants the Provider the right to use the delivered content. Accordingly, the Provider is, in particular, entitled to duplicate and distribute the content, to make edits and, in particular, to feed it into databases and data networks, to store it and to make it accessible for any type of device via the Internet. These rights of use are not limited in terms of time, content or location. The user expressly waives any compensation claims. The Provider is entitled to grant these granted rights in whole or in part, as simple or exclusive rights to third parties and to allow third parties to transfer these rights. Payable Offers Most information and other content of the website is accessible free of charge. However, fee-based offers also exist for the owners of premium accounts. Depending on the selected subscription or service, costs can therefore result for such additional services. The payments can be made securely by credit card according to the respective current pricing in the given period. By clicking on the «I agree» (or similar) button and communicating the credit card data or other payment information, the user recognises the payment due and authorises the provider to charge the corresponding price, in accordance with the indicated price for the desired services, including future price adjustments that are indicated in the website. All prices are in TRY and USD, including statutory valued added tax of 18 %. As a rule, the payments made are irreversible without a valid reason and will not be reimbursed. The user bears sole responsibility for the payments, including any taxes, in conjunction with the utilisation of the services offered. If the user has valid objections against the amounts charged to him, these shall be stated in writing and with justification no later than within two weeks from the time of the encumbrance. After expiry of this period, the payments shall be deemed to be unconditionally accepted and any further claim to a contestation is forfeited. Objections shall be directed to the following contact: [email protected] The provider is therefore willing to examine any claims without recognition of a legal obligation. If this examination justifies a reimbursement in individual cases, the corresponding payment can be reimbursed. However, a claim for a further reimbursement can never be derived from the performance of a reimbursement, even if the payments are based on similar factual circumstances. Furthermore, in case of justified objections, the regulation applies whereby the fee-based access period, which the customer has purchased, is deemed to be extended by the period in respect to which the utilisation of the services was impaired to a substantial extent. To this end, the customer shall set a reasonable period of grace (at least seven working days) for fulfilment. If the provider cannot continue to provide the services pursuant to the contract, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract, and the customer has a claim to a proportionate reimbursement of the share of the paid subscription not yet utilised. If the services of the provider are interrupted, the customer is not, however, generally entitled to enter objections to the fees for the corresponding services, insofar as these interruptions do not last longer than two days. In case of interruptions between two days and two weeks, the user is entitled to a corresponding extension of use for the contractual services of the provider. In case of an interruption that lasts longer than two weeks, the user is entitled to reimbursement of the proportionate amount of the fee, which the user has paid for these services for the respective period. Any further claims of the user, in particular in respect to damage compensation, are excluded. In all cases, the above claims of the user against the provider only exist if a fault can be ascribed to the provider, which can be derived from these Terms and Conditions of Business. If the customer makes the payments by direct debit, the customer thereby authorises the provider or the external service provider commissioned by the provider to collect the payments by direct debit, i.e. by debiting his account. The provider is entitled to commission a debt collection agency if payments are not made by the customer, in order to demand payment of the claims, plus statutory interest rates and expense allowance. The provider is further entitled to claim from the customer the costs and own expenses that are incurred because the customer unjustifiably cancels payments by credit card or enters unjustified objections to collections by direct debit. The offsetting of claims by the customer in respect to the provider is excluded, insofar as legally permissible. In particular, an offsetting is not possible if a claim is not deemed to be legally valid by a court ruling of the last instance or recognised expressly by the provider. All other legal claims of the provider remain reserved. Insofar as the services of the provider are offered via an iOS or Android app, the payment processing of in-app purchases via these applications shall be made exclusively via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, in accordance with their corresponding terms and conditions of business. In these cases, objections shall be directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.” Links The Provider has no influence on the content of external websites that are accessible via links on the website of the Provider. The Provider therefore accepts no liability for the contents of these external websites. The respective third-party provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the contents of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations at the time of linking. Illegal contents were not recognizable at the time of linking. However, a permanent control of the content of the linked pages is not reasonable without specific indications of an infringement. In the event of a breach of the law, the Provider shall immediately remove such links. It is within the Provider’s discretion to grant or deny permission to link to your own website or services and the user assures to remove any undesirable links that are placed by him at any time. Personal Information Personal data will be stored in the computer systems of the Provider in the course of the provision of the services. These enable a user to be identified. By using the services and transmitting information, the user accepts the handling of this data in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. The Provider will not sell the personal data which has been provided to third parties, unless this is expressly permitted in the General Terms and Conditions. The Provider is entitled to collect and use publicly accessible information on the user. When the user uses this website, the following user data can be collected, stored, and used:  user name;  contact information such as email address and telephone number;  profile photos and descriptions;  demographic information such as postal code (ZIP code), preferences and interests;  IP address (automatic);  type of browser and version (automatic);  operating system (automatic);  a list of URLs, starting with a referencing website, as part of using this website (automatic). This information is used to provide the services to the user. This information is stored in a file created for the respective user. This also includes storing additional data, such as on the resolution of disputes, the handling of technical and other problems related to the use of the services, the recording of user interests, provision of information on updates, user-specific optimization of the offers, enforcement of the General Terms and Conditions, and other matters relevant to the provision and use of the services. The Provider is also entitled to make comparisons between different user data, in particular to determine whether a user appears under different personalities or names. The user agrees that the Provider may use personal information about him/her in order to effect more targeted marketing and promotion and to generally improve the service and content as well as to optimize the content and appearance of the website and services for the individual users. Furthermore, the user agrees that the Provider is entitled to use the personal data to contact the customer and provide him/her with information. This information may be directed to the alleged interests of the customer concerned, in particular through appropriate banner ads, ads, other website offers, and other offers. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user expressly agrees to the activities described above. Cookies The Provider uses cookies on the website. Cookies are text files stored on the computer for the purpose of analyzing the website usage by the user. These text files are sent back to the server each time the user’s browser accesses a page. The installation of the cookies can be prevented by an appropriate browser setting, in which case, however, certain website functions cannot be used in their full extent. Google Analytics This website works with Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics also uses cookies. The cookie information about the usage of this site (including the associated IP address) is forwarded to Google servers and stored there. Google uses this information to evaluate the website, generate reports on website activity for the website operators, and to provide additional services in the area of website and Internet usage. Google may pass this data on to third parties, provided this is required by law or if the data is processed by third parties on behalf of Google. By using the website, the user agrees to the aforementioned data processing by Google for the purposes mentioned. Warranty and Disclaimer The services offered by the Provider include, in particular, online dating services. The user can upload his/her profile photos, along with personal information, and share them with other users. In addition, at the request of the user, premium services are also offered, which may be charged for in individual cases. The Provider’s services are offered on an “as is” basis. This means that no assurances of any kind are given. The operation of the Provider’s services may be impaired in particular by technical situations on which the Provider has no influence. The Provider endeavors to keep possible downtime as short as possible and to ensure that all functions are available continuously. There is, however, no claim to a permanent availability. Claims for damages arising from the use, impossible or restricted use of the platform are expressly excluded. When the user uses the Internet and especially the website, he/she is aware of the risks involved. The data exchange also includes the risk that the user may get affected with viruses and other harmful programs. The Provider declines any liability in this regard. In the event that the user contacts the Provider via email, the Provider assumes that he is permitted to reply via email as well and the user confirms that information transmitted electronically, whether via email or by publication on the website or other common electronic forms of communication are legally binding and shall be deemed to be written correspondence. It is the responsibility of the user to print their own documents. The Provider disclaims all responsibility and liability for data security (in particular, regarding transmission, secrecy, integrity, and availability) in connection with the transmission or other use of the data. The Provider is not liable for damages or consequential damages resulting from the use of the products and services purchased from the Provider. In particular, it is the sole responsibility of the user to exercise all due diligence during the application. The user has to observe the usual safety precautions that must be followed when getting in contact with strangers he/she has met via the website. The Provider disclaims all liability for the assurance of characteristics, as well as for all other risks that may result from contact with other people. The user indemnifies the Provider, its employees, owners, agents, companies, partners and representatives from all claims arising from the use of the services, the delivered contents or a violation of these provisions perpetrated by the user, the law or the rights of third parties. The user shall reimburse any costs, damages and loss of profit arising for the persons listed in this section in this context, including any legal costs incurred. Changes to the Offer and Updates The Provider reserves the right to adjust the services and the offer is continually developed. Consequently, the Provider is also entitled to adapt the General Terms and Conditions at any time. The current General Terms and Conditions published on the website of the Provider prevail. Interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions in Case of Inconsistencies and Gaps Should the General Terms and Conditions contain contradictions or gaps, the purpose of the Terms and Conditions, the intent, spirit, and the principle of good faith and mutual interests of the parties shall be used to determine an appropriate provision. In the event of any changes to the General Terms and Conditions and in the event of any inconsistencies, the most recent provision shall precede the former. Should one of the provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The user is not entitled to assign his rights and obligations from these General Terms and Conditions to a third party. Date: April 08, 2021. Return Policy Payments made by the user for offers that are subject to charges are generally irrevocable and payments made will not be refunded. However, the provider agrees to review any claims without acknowledging any legal obligations. If this review justifies a refund of the particular case, the corresponding payment may be refunded. The refund of a service may not provide grounds to another refund even if payments are based on similar facts. Therefore, a possible refund should be considered a purely individual courtesy by the provider. If you have any questions concerning the above Terms and Conditions of Business or seek a reimbursement, please contact the provider. They can be contacted via the following contact details: [email protected]